All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Friday, November 23, 2012

It Seems That Size DOES Matter!

Since moving to Grafton, we seem to have made quite a few trips to our two new favourite stores:  Harvey Norman and Bunnings.

The other day, I went into Harvey Norman to see if I could find myself a little Ipod dock.  My plan was to have my music playing while unpacking, and I could take it around with me, depending on what room I was working in at the time.

Did I say little?

Oh, well!   It's certainly loud enough that I don't HAVE to lug it around with me!

Yesterday, we were working in the car port, and we realised we'd need a spirit level for the roller doors we are installing.  So yep, off to Bunnings -again.

I did have a spirit level that I'd brought with us, but I couldn't seem to find it.  Bill assured me it didn't matter, mine was a fairly small one, so he would go and buy a larger one, meaning we'd then have the two different sizes.  How a laughed when I saw him emerge from the store with this in hand:

So yes, I guess size does matter!  Well, it's a whole lot more impressive, anyway!


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