All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Planning for 2013

Well, since this blog is supposed to be about our 'Homeschooling Journey', I thought it might just be a good idea to begin sharing our homeschool plans!

This year, I'm down to homeschooling only four children.  FOUR!  That'll be half of my children - with my oldest four either moved out of home, or studying at TAFE.  Well, technically, my 18yo and 17yo aren't 'quite' finished - we still have a few things to complete, but for the most part, they'll be focussing on their TAFE studies.

So what will they be completing?

Daniel (18) willl finishing up the following:

Literacy Lessons from Lord of the Rings, and
Catholic Morality, and
Beginning Apologetics.

For Helena (17), the same, but we'll also be completing her Home Economics course as well.   However, her main focus will be on music - besides a music course at TAFE, she will also be spending much of her time at the conservatorium with private lessons and her various ensembles.

As to the rest - it's time to begin re-assessing our goals, and putting together our plans. There is much we will continue to use, such as:

Maths  - Life of Fred and / or Teaching Textbooks

Writing - IEW (probably a theme-based writing book this year)

Spelling - The Phonetic Zoo

Grammar - Growing with Grammar

Science - Apologia Science and Science in the Creation Week (Dr Jay Wile)

Australian History - Australia, The Wide Brown Land for Me!  and Australian History-Based Writing Lessons

Latin - Latina Christiana 

The rest needs a little more planning!  These are just my initial thoughts at this stage - and I'm just now beginning to put it all down into a workable plan.  I'll put up our timetables as I work it all out.

How about you?  Are you ready for the new schooling year?



  1. Linda,

    Once the New Year arrives, I think most of us start to think about the new school year. My thoughts are still rather vague. There's a few resources I'd like to buy such as some famous art images. I'm mentally compiling a list of books I'd like to read to the girls. No other major thoughts at the moment, but I am not known for my planning! I generally take each day as it comes.

    I am also down to only a few homeschooling children. Where did all the years go? Andy and I often go out with only the four youngest girls and it amazes me that we are now only a half-sized family. Imogen has gone to Sydney for a 2 week summer school, so our family has shrunk even further!

    God bless and Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Sue. Yes, the years are certainly flying by very fast! My son is also off to Sydney for summer school next week! Haven't gotten much further with the planning, but really need to get my act together, as we will be registering for the 1st time this year.

    God bless you too!

  3. I am currently putting together our Australianised Ambleside online year 3 schedule. One of my favourite times!