All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fishing on the River

They say that life is all about new experiences - well, I have certainly had one of those this past week! 

For the first time in my life, I went fishing - and what's more, it was right in my own backyard.

My son had been fishing before, so he knew a little about the whole thing, but fortunately, we had another couple of friends around who also knew bits 'n pieces, and together, we soon had the fishing poles out, ready, and cast into the water.

Before long, the guys were reeling them in:


Including this catch by our own Daniel (an eel!):


Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of great fish to find in our river, and the day mainly consisted of pulling in  catfish.  I took a while to be able to cast the line out correctly, and hadn't caught a thing, but finally, I felt that 'tug', and was most excited to discover I was pulling something in!  It turned out to be an eel.  The guys stepped into help:


and we sent the poor creature back the watery depths.

Even the girls had a go:


The catch of the day was brought in by our friend from across the river:


Yep, it was a catfish, but one of a very decent size!  Even though some had said that catfish were no good for eating, we decided we'd give this one a try.  The poor thing was soon gutted and diced, and later in the day, Daniel cooked it up - there wasn't much of it, but it actually didn't tast too bad at all.

So there you go - another activity to chalk up in the 'yep, I've done that!' category - fishing! 


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  1. looks like fun, i couldnt fish to save me life, but my 2 elsist sons love it,lol.