All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Week of Funny Comments....

It's seems we've had a week of very funny comments in our home!  Here's just a sampling of the 'giggles' -

1.  My dear husband was installing some new lights, so had the fuse out for safety.  He wanders out to the power box to put the fuse back in, and mutters, 'Right, let's see if that works, or if the house will explode'.  I casually decide that now would be an excellent time for a walk, and instantly head outside.  Only after the lights come back on and I see that all is fine do I realise that while I may have been safely outside, I left all the children inside!  What DOES that mean?  That I totally trust in my husband's fixing abilities, or that maybe I really AM a terrible mother after all???

2.  I check on the progress of my teenager daughters' bedroom. My 15 year old proudly shows me her cupboard with all her sewing materials - all neatly laid out and organised.  I smile and praise her for the excellent job she's done - and how lovely it is to see such a beautifully organised cupboard.  I leave with a smile on my face, only to hear behind me my 16 year old whisper, 'Whew - she's gone!  Glad she didn't check MY cupboard!'. 

3.  So there I am, standing out the back of our house, looking over the river.  I comment to my husband (as I have often done in the past three weeks), 'What HAVE we done? Moving so far away from our home!'  This time, though, I add:  'And to think that I used to worry that one of our children would drown in that little creek when we visited Jamestown (our local town back home) - and NOW look at where we are!'.   At this, my 15 year old pipes up and says, 'It's fine, Mum.  Back then, we were toddlers, and would have drowned as helpless babies.  Now, we're older, and we can drown in spectacular style!'.   Yeh, thanks, Margaret - it really didn't help!

But the good news is, even with all the stress of moving - we're still having FUN!


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