All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Sunday, December 9, 2012

An Anniversary!

Today, Bill and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary!  As it was our very first celebration in our new home, we decided to head out for some one-on-one time, and celebrate in style!  But where to go?  Having lived in such an isolated location for so long, we found ourselves with so many choices!  The movies?  The theatre?  Out to dinner?  In the end, we decided on the theatre, which was very appropriate, given that we first got to know each other through our local drama group back in SA.

The drama group here, the Criterion Theatre, had put together a fabulous version of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and we were treated with a wonderful night full of laughter and fun!  I haven’t laughed so much in months, and it was absolutely fantastic to sit back and just enjoy ourselves.  Afterwards, we of course made ourselves know to several of the performers, and yep, we’re booked in and ready for the auditions in February!  Next year, the group will be performing a musical, comedy version of Robin Hood, entitled ‘Rockin’ Robin’ – sounds just like our thing, don’t you think?  So we’ll be joining the group, and it will be wonderful to once again be in touch with some ‘show people’.

Afterwards, we headed home to spend some time with the children, and not long after we arrived, the entire town lost power.  Never ones to simply sit around in the dark, we made the most of it by heading outside and sitting on the highway to watch the speed camera just down from our house show up in the dark all the speeds of the passing vehicles.  It turned into quite a great party game, with the ‘winner’ being the one who could guess the correct speeds of the oncoming traffic.

But finally, it was time to get some sleep, and fortunately, the power was not out for long, and we had lights and fans before we climbed into bed.

It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary, and a wonderful evening.  Did I ever mention that I have the most wonderful husband and family?  I am very blessed!




  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
    I would have loved to see the production only we have had too many things on, heard it was fabulous!
    We celebrated 23 years in September.

  2. Linda,

    Happy Anniversary to you and Bill! May God bless you both.

    We've never played a speed camera game, but our family gets lots of fun making up crazy games too. We have solar lights in the front garden. One Christmas we all took turns guessing the exact time they'd come on, trying to take the amount of sunshine we'd had that day and whether there was any cloud cover, into account. I always think silly simple games are the best!