All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Moment of the Week

After our son arrived on this afternoon’s plane (Yay!), we were sitting in our lounge room, just chatting away, when I suddenly said, ‘what’s that noise’? 

Daniel instantly stood up, looked out the door, and replied, ‘There seems to be some random people in our yard, patting the dog’.  So we wandered out, and sure enough, a young couple was standing in the back corner of our garden, lovingly stroking the dog, with huge smiles on their faces.

We of course said ‘Hi’, and the young lad explained that they were on their way back to the Gold Coast from Sydney, when they decided to stop and take some photos of the river.  They then spied our dog, and being a kelpie lover, he couldn’t help but say hello to our beloved pet.  We of course replied that it was fine, and they asked a few questions about her temperament, how old she was and whether or not she could do any tricks.  Daniel replied that she does know how to fetch, but quite obviously, she’s not a very good guard dog!  After a few seconds of silence, the young lady replied with, ‘Well, yeh – I mean - we could’ve been anyone!’.  At this point, Daniel looked sideways at me and raises his eyebrows, as he is thinking to himself, ‘Well yes, you are!’

But all was well – we had a lovely chat, they thanked us for ‘allowing’ them to pat the dog (?) and then they continued on their merry way up the highway towards home. Daniel and I were most amused, but we very much enjoyed having people drop in - even if it was only for a short time, and it was people we'll most likely never see again. 

This whole living on the highway business is reminding me of my in-laws – back in SA, they once lived on the main road leading into town, and would often have miscellaneous strangers call in for water, food, Christmas dinner or even somewhere to sleep – looks like we are keeping the tradition alive!  :)


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