All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Successful Week!

So much has happened since I last posted a week ago!  Normally, any one of the following events would entail a blog post on their own, but with limited time, let's squeeze in a heap of stuff into one, concise blog post:

1.  Our girl has her P-Plates!   Last week, our Jessica sat for her licence, and passed with flying colours!  Congratulations, Jessica - it's a wonderful relief to know you'll be able to head out to your various activities in your own car.

2.  The following day, Helena headed off for her audition at TAFE.  As she and the lecturer emerged from the audition room, they headed straight for the registration desk.  The receptionist asked if that would be for 'Certificate II, III or IV'?  The lecturer replied, 'Oh, Cert IV - with bells on!'  He then marched up to me and introduced himself - I definitely got the impression he was very impressed with our girl, and delighted to have her in his class next year.  Well done, Helena!

3.  Next, it was Daniel's turn for his audition.  This was conducted via phone as he is still in SA, but once again - no problem.  The lecturer was very impressed with Daniel's answers, and he was accepted into the course straight away.  While Helena will be studying 'Cert IV in Music', Daniel has opted for the 'Sound Production' course, which I must admit, sounds like a very interesting one.  Well done, Daniel!

4.  On Sunday, it was time to put our skills into action and perform at the Conservatorium's end of year concert.  Keep in mind that we'd only been to two practices, but nevertheless, concert, here we come!  And it was a great day - with Helena performing in five bands, and myself in two.  I am constantly amazed how well Helena can turn her hand to any type of music, and learn her pieces so fast!  But she does, and she performed each piece beautifully.

That's Helena and I on each end - don't you love the way we both were positioned at the front of the stage?  I was a little concerned that it may be so they could give us a 'shove' off the stage if we messed up, but fortunately, all was fine!

5.  And finally, today - We've just received the news that our son Daniel has also passed his P-Plate driver's test!  So now we have two with their licence - woohoo!   Congratulations, Daniel!  This is the reason our boy stayed behind in SA, so now with that test out the way, he can make preparations to join us in NSW very soon.

Not a bad week, eh?


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