All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012.

Well, Christmas 2012 has been a non-stop party!  We've had a marvellous time with friends and family, as we spent time visiting, had others stop by, and even managed our own family Christmas dinner.

After attending Mass on Chrismast eve, we headed home for a good night's sleep, and of course, everyone was up nice and early the next day to open their presents!  

Christmas Day itself was spent with friends, and we had a marvellous time with way too much food, a good deal of laughter, lots of chatting and a whole stack of fun with the nerf guns.  We finished up the day by heading home for a family movie - Ice Age 4 - y'know, something all mature and sensible, like!


Boxing day saw us heading out the door once more for the much anticapted viewing of 'The Hobbit'.  And we LOVED it!  You can read my review of it (no spoilers) here.

Since then, we've had others pop in, and today was spent with some of my family, who stopped by for a visit - two from up north, and two from down south.  While they were here, we were able to snap the 'Christmas 2012 family shot':  Of course, the day once again involved a rather large Christmas Dinner - with way too much food - again!

We certainly did miss our two oldest girls this year, as it was our first Christmas without them.  But I must say, it's a been a wonderful welcome to Grafton, and a beautiful way to celebrate our Lord's birthday - surrounded by friends and family - just the way it should be!


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