All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Thursday, December 13, 2012

You are Here to Serve

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have been busy settling in and setting up our new home on the North Coast of NSW.

As you may gather from previous posts, we feel that God has led our family to Grafton - we are not exactly sure why, but we all felt an undeniable pull towards this place.  Since our arrival, we have had many emotional swings between, 'Yay - we're here!', to 'What HAVE we done?'  Well, at least I have - some of us just seem to be on the 'Yay - we're here!' thing on a constant basis!

As I sat on the river praying a few days ago, I began asking God, 'Why?'.  'Why take us so far away from our lifelong home?  Couldn't we have found a place closer to family and to those we knew well?  Why Grafton?  Why here, and why now?'

And God asked me to kneel in prayer, and to listen to Him.  Despite the very real possibility that my neighbours may have been looking on (yup, still a bit hesitant in some areas!), I did kneel, and after a few moments, the answer came back, 'To Serve'. 

Of course, He was a little vague in the the 'who, what, when, why and how' area - He's often not one for giving away all the details - but the answer was loud and clear.  We are here to serve our God and our neighbour. 

After I shared my experience with my dear hubby, he simply smiled and agreed.  'Yep, that's it'He had been given the same message!  How cool is that?

As to the details of it all, only time will tell. We live as we all must - day by day, moment by moment.  But now, we have a base plan, a motto, or however you'd like to look at it.  We have been called to Grafton to serve, and we pray will serve Him in the very best way possible.

Have a wonderful day!


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