All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fun With Family.

You would think that moving 2000 kms away from your lifelong home would also mean leaving all your family behind.  Not so, it seems!

Since moving to NSW, we have managed to have a Family Christmas lunch:

A visit from Granny and Aunty Carmel, complete with the traditional 'mother and son' card game:

The winners, I'm sad to say, were Jean and Bill (next time, next time, Daniel and I will have you!):


And we even had a surprise vist from my nephew, Andrew, and his family, who decided to sell up in SA, and move north as well:

Last Sunday, we took a day trip to Bryon Bay  to once again catch up with Ida, Kylie, Sarah and Zoe for a family lunch.  The visit also invovled some future planning for one serious girls' night out (just you wait for THOSE photos - they should be GOOD!):

Technically, these two lovelies are my 'nieces', however, they are well aware that calling me 'Aunty Linda' will most likely earn them a punch in the nose - given that they are only just younger than I am.  :)

So it seems we are certainly 'not alone' up on the NSW north coast.  Lots more family visits planned, and we look forward to catching up on a few lost years!



  1. Lovely that you can still visit with family now that you live here!