All The Rivers Run

All The Rivers Run

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Criterion Theatre

Friday night saw the opening of the new season for 'The Criterion Theatre', one of Grafton's drama groups.  Their opening consisted of a 60s Dance Night - so, we put on our dancing shoes, and headed into town to join them. 

We arrived early and organised a table. Soon, the conversation and the drinks were flowing, and everyone was hyping up on sugar, ready for a great night on the dance floor:

I must say, we are begiining to feel quite at home in Grafton, and found we already knew several people at the dance:  we knew a band member, some of the audience, and some of the theatre group.  And others were coming up to us and introducing themselves;  they'd seen us around town at church, choir, and other places, and wanted to say hi.

And then, it started.  It began with Daniel's fingers, dancing away on the table:

But all too soon, we were all up and having a ball:

Hanging above our heads was a 'Ned Kelly' pinata, and when the time came for the band to take a break, the children gleefully took a hold of the stick, and beat poor Ned to death:


Of course, he was chock-o-block full of sugary foods, and my girls soon had a wonderful collection to keep them going. 

I was just thinking to myself that it was probably quite enough sugar, when this happened:

During the night, there were door prizes and prizes for costumes, dancing, etc.  The first prize was the door prize.  We all had our lucky tickets at the ready, and ours was the first one called!  Lizzie went up to to receive the prize which was, naturally, a whole bunch of sugar.

The real funny thing about this prize was this:  When we first arrived in Grafton, we attended a celebration at our church.  A part of that day was a raffle draw, and mine was the first ticket drawn - I quickly selected the bottle of red that was on offer.  This time, we won the wine glass!   What DOES that say???

Anyway, back to the dancing.  The live band continued to do their thing, with lots of Rolling Stones, The Doors, and of course, The Beatles. 

There were some very fast songs, and some slow ones, which allowed for a bit of walzting as well.  As one of the slower pieces came on, I commented to my children, 'now watch, as your Mum and Dad show you how we can't waltz'.  And so we did! 

Now, I'm not sure if the organisers truly selected a random couple of if they simply felt sorry for us (we really aren't the best waltzers in the world), but next thing I know, we were presented with this:


Another prize - More sugar, of course!

And then, it was back to more Rolling Stones and Beach Boys, and we were all rocking it on the dance floor once again.  I must say, I was most impressed with my guys;  although we all love to dance, we've not been to many events, but, they know how to move, and what's more, we all knew many of the songs, too.

All too soon, though, the night was over, and it was time to go home.  We took the info sheets on the auditions for the first production of the year, and look forward to meeting up with everyone again soon

And the really good news?  I managed to climb out of bed the next morning without an issue!  I did wonder if I would be literally 'crawling' out in agony, but nope, it's all good! 

We're all looking forward to being a part of the Crieterion Theatre, and attending more dance functions in the future. It's wonderful to be made to feel so welcome and wanted;  and we are beginning to feel right at home in our new town.

Have a great day,



  1. 'mine was the first ticket drawn - I quickly selected the bottle of red that was on offer. This time, we won the wine glass!'.......

    ......'And the really good news? I managed to climb out of bed the next morning without an issue! I did wonder if I would be literally 'crawling' out in agony, but nope, it's all good!'.......Linda?? :P

    From Duck

  2. Oooohh.... I kind-of meant I wondered if I'd be crawling out due to sore muscles from the dancing.... yeh, that MAY not have been the way it came over! Oops. ;)